Our Lady of Tears in Syracuse

Our Lady of Tears in Syracuse

Our Lady of Tears in Syracuse
Along the centuries of Christianity, Mary appeared several times, from time to time, as if to accompany humanity, which he was entrusted by Jesus on the Cross, in the demanding journey of everyone's life and nations.
The appearances of the best known and recognized by the Church are those of Guadalupe in Mexico to the Indian Juan Diego in 1548, that of 1830 in Paris, the nun s Daughter of Charity. Catherine Laboure, that of La Salette in France in September 1846, the two shepherds Maximin Giraud and Mélanie Calvat; Lourdes to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 to the humble, to Castelpetroso (Isernia) in 1888, the two farmers and Bibiana Serafina, the Fatima in 1917 to three shepherd children Lucia Dos Santos, Jacinta and Francisco Marto.
And as in more recent times and pending official confirmation of the Church, Medjugorje in Bosnia in 1981 to six visionaries and the recent tearing of a statue in Civitavecchia.
Among all these apparitions and miraculous events, you must enter the tearing of the Madonna in Syracuse in 1953. There was not any television, but the radio, newsreels and the press, gave much emphasis to the miraculous miracle, spreading it throughout Italy and worldwide.
Young couple, Antonina and Angelo Iannuso Lucia Giusti, were married March 21, 1953, lived in a modest house in the gardens of Via S. George at Syracuse.
Mrs. Antonina was expecting their first child, but pregnancy, however, it appeared difficult to the point that sometimes caused her to fall in sight, August 29 at about 3 am, that disorder is intensified to such an extent as to render completely devoid of view.
Discouragement was complete, causing her much pain, but unexpectedly around 8.30 am, the sight came back as before, and looking up at the picture of gypsum attached to the head of the bed in disbelief and amazement saw big tears down the face of the Madonna .
Immediately attracted the attention of her husband shouting: "The weeping Madonna." As was to be expected, the news spread quickly throughout Syracuse and from there into the world, causing massive uproar, the house of spouses Iannuso became a pilgrimage destination, the photos of that document, because everyone wanted to see "Madonna crying. "
The statue was half-square plaster bust, depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary and was a wedding gift, received by the newlyweds. The mysterious tears on several occasions lasted from 29 August to 1 September, the Church's attitude at this juncture, it was appropriate caution, the pastor Father Joseph Bruno, with the permission of the Archbishop's Curia of Syracuse, went to the 1 September to 11 Iannuso at home, with some doctors of the Laboratory of Hygiene and Prophylaxis of the Province.
These experts, including Dr. Michael Cassola, avowedly atheist, and later chair the Scientific Commission, once the site became eyewitnesses lacrimation; Mary's eyes swollen with tears as manifested by a person selected by strong emotion , who took down the streaking delicate face, going to collect in the hollow of his hand.
Although some of these were able to absorb some tears with cotton, as in previous days, the chemical with its glass tube, also managed to collect a portion of about one cubic centimeter.
After this withdrawal Mary stopped crying, almost expecting this official collection.The painting was then in the days following the test for a scientific commission, which gave a comprehensive report, we present here only some salient points, and the part of apparent tiled dell'effige the Virgin, was detached from the black glass support and could see that consisted of a thickness of gypsum from 1 to 2 cm approx. and that at the time of examination was completely dry, then the collected liquid was subjected to a series of physical-chemical-biological, that compared with the lacrimal secretions of an adult and a child of two years and seven months, were found the same composition and excretory substances of the same type of human tears, the report carries the signature of the president and the members of the Commission, Dr Cassola, who despite being an atheist and nonbeliever, he could not explain the phenomenon scientifically, the date isSeptember 9, 1953.
After the publication of this document, three months later, December 12, 1953, the bishops of Sicily, unanimously declared authentic and without doubt the prodigious watery. A year later Pope Pius XII, October 17, 1954 spread around the world in a radio message, saying among other things: "They understand the arcane language of the men of those tears? Oh, the tears of Mary. " (It was in the middle period of the Soviet iron curtain of silence and of the Church, persecuted).
On 19 September 1953, the painting restored in its entirety, was placed in a pillar of white stone in Piazza Euripides, the great cult developed, had run in years, millions of faithful and over time it became necessary to build a worthy shrine.
The picture remained in Euripides Square until 1968, when it was moved on the altar of the crypt dell'erigendo Sanctuary, where he remained from 1968 to 1987 and from 1 May 1994 to November 4, 1994.
The new temple was begun in 1989, a magnificent structure, and about 103 meters high, the bold creation is the work of French architects Andrault and Parat, its form seems to indicate a tear fall from the sky, has capacity for 11,000 feet and 6,000 seats, with 16 chapels, the crypt has 18 inputs and a capacity of 3,000 seats.
The sanctuary was solemnly consecrated by Pope John Paul II November 6, 1994, from his speech on that occasion quote: ".... The tears of the Madonna belong to the order of the signs: they testify to the presence of the Mother Church and the world. She cries when a mother sees her children threatened by some evil, spiritual or physical. "
Tears were collected in an artistic and precious relic, by prof. Biagio Poidimani of Syracuse, has three shelves and stacked at the base, the four corners, there are statues of s. Lucia, the patron saint of Syracuse, s. Mars, the first bishop of the city and those of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
This shrine was asked on his deathbed in 1973, Dr. Cassola, who pressed him to her chest and after a while 'sobbing, asked for a confessor, saying: "Before, I saw before me like an insurmountable wall. Now that wall, through the tears of Madonna, has collapsed. "
The new sanctuary has about one million pilgrims a year, from around the world.The wonder of the miracle of Syracuse is distinguished from all other exceptional events, which have seen her as the protagonist of humanity and stimulating.
First, she has not spoken, as indeed also in the apparitions of Guadalupe and Castelpetroso, but here in Syracuse cried, but no words could exceed the combined eloquence of his silence to tears.
It must be said that the apparitions of Our Lady, have not ever seen to laugh or smile, cheerful, but always sad, sorrowful and La Salette, also weeping, still in talks and exhortations to repentance, not to offend with the sin and the outrageHeart of her Son; warning of the approach of global upheavals and ideological.
But if Fatima, Lourdes, Paris, La Salette, has made known his pain and his exhortation to repentance, by seers and humble guys, here in Syracuse spoke with her tears, thousands of people and as if to confirm the prodigy , so it was believed, was subjected to cold scientific analysis and laboratory, because unlike all the other visions and apparitions, miracle of Syracuse is proven by science.
In one study, the theologian Stephen De Fiores said in 1978: "Mary cries to launch the company, a final warning not to refuse the kingdom of God and not obstinately rejecting the prophetic messages of his humble seers. His crying is a very serious, full of sad forebodings, a reminder not to reject the divine call, in order to avoid ruin. "

Author: Antonio Borrelli

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